Getting started

Welcome to the Westpac NZ API developer portal.

The Westpac NZ API allows developers and Westpac NZ clients to securely call Westpac NZ systems. For both internal use and providing services to our shared customers, the Westpac NZ API suite enables you to create truly remarkable banking experiences.

The Westpac NZ API suite is RESTful and uses JSON format and currently supports a range of different banking activities, including the ability to authenticate a Westpac NZ retail customer, receive account information and make a payment request.

We are constantly looking to expand the Westpac NZ API suite and welcome feedback and suggestions.

  1. Sign Up

    To get started simply sign up to create an account. It is free to join.
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  2. Apply for access

    As Westpac NZ is just beginning its API journey, access to API Products is available on request only and subject to Westpac NZ approval. Products and specifications are confidential and a confidentiality agreement will need to be signed with Westpac NZ before access is granted. To get in touch and request access, please use the Contact Us form.
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  3. Register an application

    Before you can use an API you have to register your application. When you register an application, the application is assigned a unique client ID and client secret. You must use the client ID when you call an API that requires you to identify your application by using a client ID, or a client ID and client secret. Check the API description for the details.

  4. Production use

    Finally, now that your application is registered, you need to agree a subscription plan with Westpac NZ. At present, subscriptions for use in production are only available by entering into a formal agreement with Westpac NZ covering use of the Westpac NZ API including pricing.
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Let's create remarkable banking experiences together.